Australia is home to many ant species, around 1,300 in fact. The ant belongs to the order Hymenoptera and are closely related to bees and wasps.

Australia’s sunny warm environment make it a perfect climate for ants, forming an integral part of the native ecosystem. Ants can be found in every part of Australia with each colony potentially consisting of millions of ants. Unfortunately, they may also want to make your home their own as well!

Ant Facts

  • Ants are attracted to fatty and sugary substances so ensure to mop up all spills and seal up foodstuffs in airtight containers.
  • When foraging, ants leave a chemical trail of “pheromones” to let them know the way back and to communicate to other ants in their colony the way to get to new food sources.
  • Ants hear by feeling vibrations through their feet as they do not have ears.
  • Once a queen ant dies the colony will soon die as queen ants are rarely replaced