Indianmeal moth

ARK Pest Management treat and control only moths that are deemed to be domestic or commercial pests.

These are known as Stored Product or Textile Pests. Most moths are important to the local ecosystem here in the Illawarra.

We help to treat the following:

Stored good (Pantry) moths

  • Angoumois grain moth; Sitotroga cerealella
  • Indian meal moth; Plodia interpunctella
  • Warehouse moth; Ephestia elutella
  • Mediterrtanean flour moth

Textile Pests

  • Clothes moth; Tineola bisselliella
  • Case bearing clothes moth; Tinea pellionella

Did you know?

Only moth larvae feed, adult moths do not eat at all. The entire function of an adult moth is procreation, future ensuring their species.


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